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A weed is any invasive plant that is declared noxious under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993.  To be declared noxious, the weed must have a detrimental impact on Castor Oil Plant- a poisonous weedihuman or animal health, the environment, or agriculture.

Weeds may be declared noxious within a specific local government area, or across the entire state. The decision to declare a plants as a weed can be revised, as weed categories change over time.

Under the Act, Hurstville City Council is authorised to require land occupiers to control noxious weeds on a property.  When an occupier fails to control weeds, Council can issue a Notice for control of the weed. If the occupier fails to comply with the Notice, Council can enter the propety and destroy the weeds, charging the landholder any reasonable expense incurred. Council can also issue a Penalty Notice or prosecution for offences under the Act. The Act's main intent is to restrict the spread of serious weeds and protect other landholders from weed invasion.

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