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Swimming Pool Removal and Installation



If you needed approval to build a pool, you will need approval to demolish it.

Approval to Demolish Requirements

In ground pools

Demolition of in ground pools requires council approval and is classified as complying development. Council's Certifiers can assist you with this type of application.

Demolition includes pools located in the ground more than 600 mm of fibreglass, masonry, concrete or similar types of pool construction.

Owner responsibilities

Works must be carried out in accordance with AS 2601-2001 (Demolition of Structures).

The site of the swimming pool excavation must be filled so as to restore the site to existing ground levels, taking into account the slope and drainage of the site. 


·         All piping or similar material must be removed before the pool excavation is filled.

·         The use of hazards materials, glass, building products, cladding, garbage waste and/or chemicals

        (including packaging) is prohibited.

·         Clean fill including non-reinforced concrete, asphalt concrete, brick, block, tile, and/or stone is permitted.

·         The fill must be compacted with fine aggregate sand and soil.

Above ground pools - including inflatable and prefabricated pools 

Generally approval is not required for any of these pool types provided they do not exceed a depth of 600mm in the ground. 

Owner responsibilities

Disassemble the pool and remove all materials from the site and restore the ground level to its natural level and grade.

Where filling is required use only clean (top soil) drainable fill. Filling is to be suitably compacted and graded to natural contours so as not to create a drainage nuisance.

Suitable erosion control and/or grassed areas shall be provided to prevent silt runoff into neighbouring properties.    

Advise council of the pool removal. Even if the pool did not require approval, you still need to inform Council so that our records and the NSW Pool Register can be updated. 


Swimming Pool Approvals

Swimming Pool development standards are found in the State Environmental Planning Policy for Exempt and Complying Development Code 2008.

If after checking that your development cannot be done under exempt development, you may wish to submit your application under a complying development

The NSW General Housing Code also contains provision for complying development.

Complying development certificates

A complying development certificate can be issued for swimming pools that meet all relevant criteria. In this case, a construction certificate is not required when a complying development certificate is issued.

If the full assessment of an application identifies your work as not being complying development, you will then need to lodge a development application and if consent is granted you must make application, seeking approval to build under a Construction Certificate. Council Certifiers can assist you with this type of application.


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