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Swimming Pool Noise

Noise from Swimming Pool equipment is a common complaint.  Noise complaints can be avoided by clever design.

Swimming Pool Design Considerations

When designing a new swimming pool you should consider:

  • locating pumps, heaters and filters away from adjoining bedrooms and other noise sensitive uses
  • locating pumps below ground and in acoustic enclosures
  • fitting timing device to ensure that equipment does not breach noise laws.

It is a lot less expensive to ensure that such equipment is noise isolated at the design stage than to try a retrofit attenuation device when Council issues notices and orders after receiving noise complaints.

Hours of Use - Swimming Pool Pumps

A person must not cause or permit a swimming pool pump to be used on residential premises in such a manner that it emits noise that can be heard within a habitable room in any other residential premises (regardless of whether any door or window to that room is open):

    1. before 8 am or after 8 pm on any Sunday or public holiday, or
    2. before 7 am or after 8 pm on any other day.

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