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State of the Environment Report 2008-2012


Under the Local Government Act 1993, section 428A , Council is required to report on its environmental performance during the 2008/2009 – 2011/2012 Council term. The State of the Environment (SoE) Report must detail Council’s performance against the environmental objectives as outlined in the Hurstville's Community Strategic Plan (CSP). The CSP is based on four pillars- Social and Cultural Development, Environmental Sustainability, Economic Prosperity, and Civic Leadership. This report will outline Council’s performance on the actions described under the Environmental Sustainability pillar.

The CSP was endorsed by Council in June 2011, and as a result does not cover the full term of the State of the Environment Reporting Period.  This SoE will report against the Environmental Sustainability Pillar in the CSP for the full term of the reporting period (2008/9 – 20011/12); however some data is not available for the period prior to the formal adoption of the CSP.

Structure of this Report

For the first time, this year the SoE is completely online. It will detail projects, data captured and actions undertaken in the 2008/2009 – 2011/2012 period that fall under the following objectives (as outlined in the Environmental Sustainability pillar of the CSP). Please click on each objective to see what Council has achieved.





Environmentally sustainable practices- adopting and promoting environmentally sustainable practices such as water and energy savings, improving water quality in creeks, and reducing noise pollution


Public Health- Providing support and initiating programs to improve public health such as mental health, drug and alcohol awareness programs, and health standards in food outlets


Reducing illegal dumping and littering


Preserving scenic and cultural heritage sites


Improving domestic and commercial waste collection


To measure performance, a number of indicators have been developed as part of the CSP. Please click on each indicator to see how Council is tracking in meeting its objectives under the Environmental Sustainability pillar.





Community and business awareness


Level of participation in environmentally related activities


Number/capacity of stormwater capture facilities


Usage of energy and water in Council Facilities


Level and extent of noise pollution


Performance against targets in the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Authority Catchment Action Plan (SMCMA Action Plan)


Number of health standard violations in food outlets


Proportion of complaints about environmental compliance responded to within 48 hours


Proportion of registered premises inspected annually


Waste collected (commercial and residential)


Number of incidences and complaints of illegal dumping


Number of incidences of littering


Public awareness, knowledge, appropriate use and development of heritage sites


Proportion of waste not diverted to landfill

15 Public awareness and knowledge of correct practices





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