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Coat of Arms

Hurstville City Council's Coat of Arms is used at important ceremonies, with livery appropriate to the pomp of the occasion. The Coat of Arms is also used in Council's seal, the Mayoral Chains of Office, on executive stationery, and for other special documents and occasions.

Council was granted Armorial Bearings in 1987, which was our Centenary year.  Council's Coat of Arms was designed by H Ellis Tomlinson, MA PhD FHS. It has been described as a complete Achievement of Arms and contains the maximum symbolism granted to a corporation.  The design is based on a shield with a helmet and crest, similar to the crest on a bird's head.  Two St George Dragons support the shield, which stands on a base of grass with Council's motto running across the bottom.

Heraldry dates back more than eight centuries to the days of heralds, who were servants of the knights in armour, who rode into battle on horseback with identifying symbols on their shields and cloaks.  Such symbols are appropriate for organisations that have existed for many years.

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Coat of Arms

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