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Hurstville's resolutions receive NSW support

29 Oct 2004

Hurstville Mayor, Clr Joanne Morris is very pleased to receive such strong state-wide support for their resolutions. 

“Our job will now be to ensure that they are acted upon by the appropriate agencies.”

Hurstville City Council's resolutions consisted of:

  1. A call for State and Federal governments to join with local government to look at alternative models for childcare provision.
  2. That strata title be reviewed with a view to establishing a ‘whole of life' strategy for the maintenance and replacement of multi-unit dwellings.
  3. That State Government be requested to consider establishing regional transport planning advisory bodies to promote cooperation and planning for transport between neighbouring councils.
  4. A request that the Metropolitan Strategy be modified to extend the ‘Global Arc' to flow south from the airport through southern Sydney.

The Urgency motion which was also adopted by the conference called upon the Land & Environment Court to define the extent of amendments that are acceptable before a development proposal requires a new DA. 

The Council raised this issue because it has found that some development applications undergo significant changes once they have been approved. 

“This can result in a development being significantly different to that which was first publicly advertised and to what neighbours  and the Council were aware of,' said Clr Morris. 

“These resolutions covered a wide range of issues from the provision of child-care to the promotion of the development of employment opportunities within regional centres.  

The strong level of support they received at the conference showed that they are of relevance to a large number of councils across the state,” said Clr Morris. 

“We will be working closely with the Association to assist with their promotion and implementation with a range of government agencies.  We want to make sure that they end up being acted upon and integrated into their policies.”



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