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The Dragon's Lair to showcase local talent

28 Apr 2005

The new name was launched at a special function to announce the winner of Council's naming and logo design competition which it ran over the March - April period.

“This gallery forms an important part of the St George Regional Museum's exhibition space which provides access for local artists to exhibit their work. 

It is an area where we can showcase our local artistic talent,” said Hurstville Mayor, Clr Joanne Morris. 

“Individuals and groups can use it as their ‘shop-front' to the world.  Such space as this is extremely rare and many artists find it both hard and expensive to get their work on display.”

At the beginning of March Council launched a competition with a cash prize of $1000. 

This competition also offered a free solo or group exhibition of the winner's work within the next two years, as well as the glory of naming the gallery.”

Thirty-three artists submitted 85 different entries.  Entries came from all over the country with even one coming from as far away as Poland!

Winner of the design competition was Beric Henderson for his Dragon's Lair name and logo. 

“Beric's entry built on the imagery of the tale of St George and the Dragon whilst complementing Council's own iconography which relies heavily on that of the Dragon,” said Clr Morris. 

“An entry in an encyclopaedia notes that, “Though a winged creature, the Dragon is generally to be found in its underground lair, a cave that identifies it as an ancient creature of the earth, like the mythic serpent, that was a source of knowledge even in Eden.” 

I think Beric's entry aptly encapsulates this definition.   

It is worth noting that the word ‘dragon' comes from the Greek drakon which originally meant ‘that which sees'. 

The logo shows a dragon peeping through a window with only its head and tail visible.  This portrays the seeking of knowledge which can be gained through stories and images of life.  For a gallery which promotes the visual arts his choice of name and logo couldn't have been more appropriate.”



For more information, contact:
Paul Spyve, Manager, Customer Relations: 9330 6008, 0411 748 953
Clr Jo Morris, Mayor: 9330 6026

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