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Register of Voluntary Planning Agreements

What is a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) ?

A voluntary planning agreement (VPA) is an agreement entered into by a planning authority (such as Hurstville City Council) and a developer. Under the agreement a developer agrees to provide or fund:

  • public amenities and public services
  • affordable housing
  • transport or other infrastructure.

Contributions can be made through:

  • dedication of land
  • monetary contributions
  • construction of infrastructure
  • provision of materials for public benefit and/or use.

VPAs cannot be entered into unless public notice has been given and an explanatory note is made available for inspection for at least 28 days.

What is Council's Policy on VPAs?

Hurstville City Council Policy on Planning Agreements became effective on 19 December 2006 and outlines the provisions relating to planning agreements.

 pdf icon Planning Agreement Policy (122.21kB)

Register of Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPAs)

VPAs currently on assessment, notification, finalising or executed are available to view on this website.

Assessment  | Notification | Finalisation | Executed


Planning Agreement for Nos 1-5 Treacy Street & 1 H - 1-5 Treacy Street and 1 Hill Street, Hurstville Executed

East Quarter Hurstville Planning Agreement - 93 Forest Road, Hurstville NSW Executed
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