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Regional Environmental Plans

As of 1 July 2009, existing Regional Environmental Plans (REPs) became Deemed State Environmental Planning Policies.

The Greater Metropolitan Regional Environmental Plan No 2—Georges River Catchment is the only REP that applies to land within the Hurstville Local Government area and the REP only applies to land that is within the Georges River Catchment. 

The REP contains specific environmental aims and objectives which are broadly aimed at improving the water quality and river flows of the Georges River and its tributaries.  Read clause 5 of the REP for further details about the aims and objectives.

The REP contains planning principles relating to:

  • general environmental issues
  • acid sulphate soils
  • bank disturbance
  • flooding
  • industrial discharges
  • land degradation
  • on-site sewerage management
  • river related uses
  • sewer overflows
  • urban stormwater runoff
  • urban development areas
  • vegetated buffer areas
  • water quality and river flows
  • wetlands

If your development application has any potential impact upon the Georges River or its tributaries, your Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) must address each and every impact and what measures can be adopted to minimise the impact of a proposal.

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