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Public Swimming Pools

Council officers have authority to inspect public swimming pools, spa pools and associated premises. An inspection will assess compliance with schedule 1 of the Public Health Regulation 2012, which requires that:

  • Disinfection must be automatic or continuously metered.
  • The water meets certain temperature, pH and alkalinity requirements.
  • Water testing shows correct levels of chlorine or bromine.
  • Operators can show their own testing methods and associated records.

If chemical tests reveal unsatisfactory results, officers will sample the water for micro-organisms. All testing is undertaken by a laboratory accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities.

If results reveal elevated levels of micro-organisms, officers can issue a warning letter, an improvement notice or order the pool be closed under a prohibition order. Once a pool or spa is closed, public use is prohibited until appropriate disinfection procedures are carried out and additional tests passed.

It is an offence under the Public Health Act 2010 if the terms of the order are breached.

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