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Public Spaces Local Approvals Policy


Council supports the active use of public spaces by a wide range of organisations within the Hurstville Local Government Area (LGA). Council’s Public Spaces Local Approvals Policy provides a framework for effectively coordinating requests and approvals to use footways, roadways or other public spaces for non-commercial and commercial activities.


The purpose of the Policy is to supplement provisions of the Local Government Act (the Act) and the Local Government (Approvals) Regulation 1993 by:

Part 1 specifying the circumstances in which a person is not required to obtain a particular approval from the council;

Part 2 specifying criteria which the Council must consider when determining whether or not to grant approval to a particular activity;

Part 3 specifying other matters relating to approvals not dealt with by the Act or Regulations.

Areas to which the policy applies

The Public Spaces Local approvals Policy applies to all public footways and roadways in the Hurstville LGA.

Activities covered by this policy

This policy applies to a range of activities including;

Street Stalls or similar activities undertaken by recognised organisations such as local schools, religious organisations, registered charities, community groups, government bodies, political groups and commercial organisations that may involve the dissemination of general information for the purpose of promoting community awareness; fundraising activities; or the sale of food or goods for charitable purposes.

Community celebrations directly organised by Council or developed in partnership or as part of sponsorship by Council with other recognised community organisations. E.g. Hurstville Chinese New Year Festival, Riverwood Community Festival.

Commercial activities on public footways or roadways that include activities such as Outdoor Dining, Retail Trading, Busking, Advertising Signage, A frame signs, and the erection of promotional banners and posters at approved sites within the Hurstville LGA.

pdf icon Public Spaces Local Approvals Policy (498.23kB)
pdf icon Streen Stalls and Related Activites Application (73.26kB)
pdf icon Outdoor Dining Retail Trading and A Frame Sign Application (69.25kB)

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More Information

For information regarding approvals for non commercial and commercial activities or events on public footways and public spaces (except parks and reserves) contact the Hurstville Place Manager on (02) 9330 6250.

For information regarding approvals to hold events in parks and reserves contact Council’s Sport and Recreation Officer on (02) 9330 6209.

For information regarding approvals for local businesses to place articles on public footways outside their premises during business hours only contact Council’s Compliance section on (02) 9330 6251.

For information about approvals to place or erect articles on the public footway for commercial purposes on a permanent or semi permanent basis contact Council’s Development section on (02) 9330 6278.
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