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Life in the Past

Our primary school programs are interactive, fun and provide unique hands - on learning experiences that assist students in appreciating more about life in the past. There are six interactive modules to choose from!

Modules:Primary Programs at the Museum

Slates and School Bells (Stage 1-2 HSIE)

  • This presentation takes a comprehensive look at the history of schools from the district. This interactive session provides a unique learning opportunity to handle artefacts, view historic school photos and experience a writing lesson from school days of the past.

Timber getters, Tilers and Toil (Stage 1-3 HSIE)

  • This module provides an overall history of the St George area from the precolonial occupation to the growth of cities. Program includes historic photographs and artefacts from the local area.

Home Sweet Home (Stage 1-3 HSIE)

  • Explore what life was like in the domestic domain. Students contemplate home life prior to electricity and running water and make comparisons to today’s modern technology. Includes artefact handling and worksheet.

Hopscotch, Hoops and Handball (Stage 1-3 HSIE)

  • What games did children of the Victorian period play? Students have the chance to play games from the past and take part in activities surrounding the concept of ‘making do’.

Your Land, My Land, Our Land (Stage 1-3 HSIE)

  • Who were the first people of the St George area? What did they do? How did they live? This program involves students identifying and handling Indigenous Australian artefacts from the Hurstville City Museum & Gallery collection.

Treasures of the Hurstville City Museum & Gallery (Stage 1-3 HSIE)

  • What do museums do with collections? Why do we collect objects and how do we preserve them? Students view artefacts not normally on display and learn about museum practices. Artefact analysis worksheet provided.

Programs Details:
  • Minimum of 2 weeks notice for bookings. Maximum of 60 students* .
  • Museum & Gallery staff recommend choosing between 1-3 of the programs outlined above for a visit.
  • $5.00 per child GST inclusive. Accompanying teachers and guardians FREE.
  • NO REFUND on missed or cancelled bookings.
  • Bookings are essential.
  • For enquries regarding larger bookings please contact Museum & Gallery staff.

For program bookings and enquiries contact the Hurstville City Museum & Gallery on 9330 6444 or send an email to:

Other Places of Interest

You may wish to incorporate other places of interest into your excursion. Contact Museum & Gallery staff for bookings. We suggest:

Hurstville City Council’s Archival Research & Local Studies Centre (Located in Hurstville City Library)

Hurstville Oval Tour


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