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Pre-Development Advice Service

Council’s Development Advice Services

Delays in the assessment of development applications often arise as a result of inadequate information being submitted, a lack of knowledge about Council’s planning controls and insufficient knowledge of local issues. Seeking advice from Council officers prior to submitting applications can help identify lodgement requirements, relevant planning controls and related local issues.

Once a development application is lodged, applicants will generally only be provided with one chance to either supply missing information or re-design a proposal to comply with the relevant planning controls. Seeking pre-lodgement advice therefore represents a valuable information-sharing opportunity to identify any issues that may arise to avoid delays, unnecessary financial loss and refusal of an application.

Hurstville Council offers a range of pre-lodgement advice services to assist applicants in the preparation and lodgement of development applications. The following services are offered:

  • Basic development advice service
  • Minor development advice service
  • Formal pre-application consultation
Basic Development Advice Service

Council’s development enquiry officer is available from 8:30-12pm and 2pm to 4:30pm during weekdays. You can speak to our officer by phone on 9330 6278 or in person by visiting Council’s Civic Centre. This is a free service and no appointment is necessary, although the advice session is limited to 15 minutes.

Our development enquiry officer can provide basic development advice regarding:

  • Exempt and complying development
  • Which planning controls apply to your property
  • An explanation of Council’s planning controls
  • What information will need to be submitted with your development application
  • Other matters you will need to consider when designing your proposal
Minor Development Advice Service

This service is aimed at small scale residential projects such as new dwellings, dual occupancies and small business applications such as change of uses. This is a free service that where potential applicants will have an opportunity to meet with senior Council staff to discuss their proposal.

There are two types of meetings available – one to discuss development applications and one to discuss complying development/building and certification matters.

The meetings will occur the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of every month and must be booked in advance through our on-line booking system

Before you make your booking for your meeting you should come prepared:

  1. Have some preliminary plans or sketches prepared
  2. Read Council’s planning controls in our Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan
  3. Make sure you have some questions prepared to ask Council’s officers
  4. Lodge your plans and supporting information in advance electronically via our on-line booking service. By giving council your information before the meeting it will give the officers a chance to review the proposal in more detail to provide you with more accurate and detailed advice.

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Formal Pre-Application Consultation

A formal pre-application consultation is recommended for all medium-large scale developments or potential developments that will result in significant non-compliances with Council’s planning controls.

If a PAC is required, complete the application form pdf icon Pre-Development Application Consultation (141.74kB) and submit this Form with the applicable fee and supporting documentation at Council's Customer Service Centre. Once lodged, the PAC application will be allocated to a development assessment officer, generally a Town Planner who will call you within 7 days of the lodgement date to arrange a meeting date.

What can applicants expect from a Pre Application Consultation?

  • Knowledge about what information, plans, drawings and technical reports will be required to be submitted with a development application
  • An understanding of the relevant development standards, controls and policies that may apply to a development
  • An understanding of what issues are likely to cause delay, what issues require further consideration and what issues may be sensitive to the local community
  • A meeting date to be arranged with 7 days of a PAC application being lodged with Council; and
  • A meeting held by a senior planning officer and any other technical staff that may have input on development applications
    A copy of the minutes of the PAC Meeting including details on the proposal, planning documents/controls considered during the meeting, summary of any issues triggered by the proposal and a summary of any required actions to be undertaken by the applicant.

Please note:  Attending a PAC and/or resolution of issues raised by Council officers at a PAC does not guarantee approval of any future development application. The views of the community, councillors, and state government agencies are not able to be taken into account in the PAC process.

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