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Pest Animals

A range of animals have been introduced in Australia since colonisation, including foxes, rabbits, cats, dogs and birds.

Many of these animals prey on native animals, damage local vegetation, and have potential to devastate our precious wildlife in Hurstville City.

Impact of domestic animals

Dogs and cats that are allowed to roam in native bushland can frighten, injure and kill native wildlife including birds, wallabies and lizards.

Hurstville City Council recommends that pet owners help protect native animals by keeping pets out of bushland areas and reserves at all times. When walking your dog in bushland it is recommended they be kept on a leash. Cats are active hunters at night and should be given adequate food and prevented from entering bushland at all times.

Both cats and dogs should be microchipped and registered with Council, so that if they become lost, injured or stolen you can be easily reunited.

Pets - learn more about microchipping and registration.

More information 

Pest Animals – NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change fact sheets and tips for dealing with pest animals.
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