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One of Hurstville City Council’s key priorities is to provide for the well-being of its community. Council recognises the major role that recreation, sport and access to open space plays in the economic, cultural and social well-being of our city. The provision of a range of recreation, sporting and open space facilities is an important means of providing for the physical well-being and health of our residents.

In order to protect our children from the harm caused by passive smoking Council has declared six of the more popular playgrounds to be smoke-free zones and prohibited smoking of any substance within 10 metres of the playgrounds in the following locations: Timothy Reserve, Woodville Park, Penshurst Park, Olds Park, Evatt Park and Oatley Park.

Hurstville City has 248 hectares of parks and reserves contained in 165 locations and 4.23 hectares of open space per 1000 residents. Also, each resident need walk no more than 400 metres within the city to reach a park or reserve.

Find out about each of our Parks and Reserves and what facilities are available. Grab your family and friends,  go outdoors and explore what Hurstville City has to offer.

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