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NSW Land and Housing Corporation

Hurstville Council has been notified of new residential development proposed to be undertaken by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation in the Hurstville local government area.

These developments are categorised as "development without consent" under State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009.  NSW Land and Housing Corporation are not required to obtain development consent from Council for any of these proposed developments and they will "self assess" the proposals under Part 5 Environmental assessment of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. 

Hurstville Council has no involvement in the assessment, determination, building or certification of any of these developments.

Public enquiries and making a submission

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation will consider submissions from Council and neighbours, before deciding whether or not the developments should proceed.

Submissions must be made in writing by no later than the 29 March 2015 to: Manager of Planning, Planning Unit, Land & Housing Corporation, Locked Bag 4009, Ashfield NSW BC 1800.

Any questions in relation to the specific developments must be directed to the nominated Project Officer from the NSW Land and Housing Corporation.

Proposed NSW Land and Housing Corporation Developments

Detailed below are the proposed new residential developments in Hurstville:

27 - 31 Arnold Street, Peakhurst  (Lots 94 DP36368 and 262 - 263 DP 36317)

General Housing Development consisting of 6 x 2 bedroom and 5 x 1 bedroom dwellings

pdf icon Notification letter (1.28MB)

pdf icon Location Plan (1.90MB)

pdf icon Site Analysis - Demolition Plan (1.46MB)

pdf icon Site Elevations (1.52MB)

pdf icon Site Sections 1 & 2 (1.14MB)

pdf icon Shadow Elevations (1.01MB)

pdf icon Shadow Plans (1.35MB)

pdf icon Finishes (1.60MB)

Project Officer:  Kite Richards (02) 9354 1896 or

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