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Objections & Submissions

When a development application (DA) is submitted, Hurstville City Council may notify adjoining owners and neighbours who could be affected by the proposal, unless it is minor. Generally, Council will send a notification letter to people and organisations that could be affected by the development and who may wish to comment.

Council also advertises development applications for major projects in St George and Sutherland Shire Leader, so that people have the opportunity to comment and object. Other methods Council employs to invite submissions on DAs may include erecting signs at the proposed location, publishing plans and other documents on Council’s website and exhibiting them in our Customer Service Centre.

The timeframe from the date the proposal is advertised to make submissions is generally fourteen (14) days.

Making comments and objections

Council encourages the community to have a say on development in Hurstville City.  Before making your submission, you should review the development plans and Statement of Environmental Effects to determine if the proposal will impact on your property.  You don't need to make any submission if there no impact or your don't wish to.  Whether or not any submissions are made, Council's Assessment Officer will still carry out a proper assessment.

On making your submission, if you believe the proposal does not comply with development rules, you should make reference to the relevant rule and impact. It is recommended that you keep your comments and objections short and to the point.  If you do not understand parts of the proposal it is recommended that you seek professional advice.

Submission hints
  • Put it in writing - comments and objections must be in letter or email form – faxes are not accepted
  • Subject heading - quote the application number, site address and assessment officer’s name, if you have this information  
  • Essential information – include your name, address, contact telephone number and, where possible, email address in the submission
  • Clarity – clearly state the impact the proposal will have on the amenity of your property, preferably in point form
  • Suggestions - where possible, offer comment on how the development could be improved or relevant conditions that may be imposed
  • Focus – on the issue. Matters such as civil disputes between neighbours cannot be considered through a submission
  • Be on time – ensure your submission reaches Council by the specified closing date and time.

If you are making a submission, supporting or objecting to a development application, and have made political donations or gifts to a Councillor or Council employee in the last two years, you must make a formal disclosure statement.

Unresolved submissions

If objections to a DA are not resolved during the assessment process, the matter may be considered and determined at a Council meeting. Read more information about determinations.

More information

Application Tracking

You can track and obtain access to public application documents through Applications Online.

Make a submission

Make a submission or objection to a proposed development online.

Current major DAs

Review major DAs under assessment.


Learn more about application assessment

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