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Lime Kiln Bay Wetland

Lime Kiln Bay Wetland is located in Oatley and is bordered by Oatley Park, Bay Road, Riley Street, Waterfall Road and Oatley Heights Park.

rehabilitation of the wetland area was originally proposed by the National Trust in 1994, for the Lime Kiln Bay Society. The proposal was provided to Council who commissioned the University of Western Sydney to prepare a Rehabilitation and Development Plan for the freshwater complex at Lime Kiln Bay.

The Lime Kiln Bay Wetland was subsequently rehabilitated in 1999-2000, with the aim of:

  • enhancing water quality within the wetland and receiving waters of the Georges River
  • rehabilitating the wetland ecosystem
  • providing increased recreational, aesthetic and educational value for the local community.

 The project was undertaken with grants from the NSW Stormwater Trust and the Federal Government’s Federation Community Grants Program, which was matched by Council on a dollar for dollar basis.

The rehabilitation involved:

  • installation of gross pollutant traps on the two major drainage channels entering from Seaforth Avenue and Waterfall Road into the sedimentation basin to remove rubbish and other pollutants entering the basin
  • construction of two large sedimentation ponds to trap coarse sediments and pollutants such as heavy metals and nutrients
  • construction of a dry sediment pond and a stormwater overflow bypass channel
  • establishment of a constructed wetland immediately downstream of the sedimentation ponds, to further enhance water quality; and a surcharge wetland to act as an additional filter for the low flows from the constructed wetland
  • protection of the existing ridge watercourse (situated on the eastern boundary of Oatley Park)and the phragmites reed bed
  • construction of a footbridge over the existing sewer carrier
  • construction of two timber bridges over creeklines adjacent to the two large sedimentation ponds.

The wetland was officially opened in September 2001. The last stage of the project was completed in November 2002 and involved the construction of a boardwalk and bridge which completes the Oatley Heights loop. This provides pedestrians and cyclists with direct access to the Lime Kiln Bay wetlands and the existing facilities in Oatley Park.

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