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Junk Mail

Australians receive on average seven billion unaddressed flyers, leaflets and catalogues in their letterboxes every year. If your household said no to advertising material, you could save almost 1000 pieces of unwanted material annually.

By simply putting a 'No Advertising Material' sticker on your letterbox you can reduce the amount of paper that goes to waste each year, not to mention the huge amount of water and energy used and greenhouse emissions released in its production.

If everyone on your street did this, the amount of paper consumed and wasted each year would be drastically reduced. Eventually, companies would realise that catalogues are no longer the best way to sell a product, and look to more environmentally friendly advertising methods.

More information

Halt addressed junk mail by using the Direct Marketing Association's Do Not Mail service.

Request a free 'No Advertising Material' sticker by telephoning Council on 9330 6222.

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