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Development Application Assessment

What is the process?

In its most simple form the process is:

  1. An initial review before allocation to an assessment officer.
  2. If necessary, referrals to applicable expert bodies, internal and external to Council.
  3. Advertising and/or notification where anyone can comment or object to your proposed development.
  4. Detailed assessment including consideration of referral comments and public submissions. 
  5. Determination (approval or refusal) of your DA.

In reality, the assessment and determination process under Part 4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 is far more complex.  Those making applications and those objecting must understand that the only relevant considerations for Council in assessing any development application are those considerations under section 79C of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

If you have taken our advice on avoiding assessment delays, then your application can be dealt with under the Fast Track Assessment process.  If not then we will guide you but it must be remembered that we can only assess the application based upon the information you provide to us. 

What is Fast Track Assessment?

If your application provides all the required information, complies with all the development rules and does not have any objections, it is fast tracked through assessment officers dedicated to the Fast Track assessment process.

Fast Track applications are generally determined well within 40 days of lodgement.


Application Tracking

Track your Development Application (DA) with Applications Online

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Make a submission or objection to a proposed development online.

Current major DAs

Review major DAs under assessment.


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