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Cycling Safety

New Rules for Cyclists -Like motorists and pedestrians, cyclists have a number of responsibilities to ensure their wellbeing and the safety of the community. 

 Hurstville City Council encourages cycling an enjoyable leisure activity or commuting method. By choosing to cycle you are reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, improving health and fitness, and saving money on petrol and travel fares.


Cyclists should:

  • obey all road rules just like motorists
  • Correctly wear a well-fitting Standards Australia approved helmet
  • not ride on footpaths unless permitted by signs, except for children under 12 and those accompanying them, unless signposted otherwise
  • ride, like all traffic, on the left hand side of the road
  • always use hand signals if you intend to turn, stop or change lanes
  • walk your bike, rather than ride it across a pedestrian crossing
  • travel no more than 1.5 metres apart if riding two abreast
  • never ride with 'no hands' or with their feet off the pedals.
Riding at night

Cyclists should:

  • wear reflective, white or bright coloured clothing
  • use headlights and tail lights.
Essential bicycle fittings

All bicycles should be fitted with: 

  • a bell or warning device
  • white front reflector
  • red rear reflector
  • at least one working brake.
Essential bicycle maintenance

Cyclists should:

  • check tyres, wheels, brakes, chain, lights and reflectors regularly to ensure they are in good working order
  • take your bicycle to an experienced bicycle mechanic at least once a year for checking.

More information

pdf icon Hurstville Cycleways Map (480.55kB) - routes, off-road and on-road cycle paths and bicycle parking spots in the Hurstville local government area.

Road and Maritime Services (RMS)- tips on road safety, bicycle maintenance, road rules and the legal aspects of riding your bicycle.

Standards Australia - choosing a high quality bicycle helmet.

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