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Hurstville City is connected by an extensive network of on-road and off-road cycleways for the community to enjoy.

On-road cycling

On-road cycle paths in Hurstville City are identified by logos painted on various roads on the left of the edge line and the presence of signage warning motorists and pedestrians to 'Watch for Cyclists'.

These roads, which are outlined in Council's Cycleways Map, have been upgraded to accommodate cyclists and link different areas of Hurstville City.

Off-road cycling

Off-road cycleways in Hurstville City  enable cyclists to ride on a paved surface without interference from vehicles.

Shared paths

Some pathways that are authorised for cyclist use are also shared with pedestrians. 

Pedestrians have priority on shared paths, and cyclists are required by law to ride to the left of the path. It is suggested that you ring your bicycle bell to warn pedestrians of your approach, especially if you are behind them.

Bicycle parking

Secure bicycle parking facilities, which are indicated on the Cycleways Map with a bicycle logo, are located throughout Hurstville City.

View Council's pdf icon Hurstville Cycleways Map (480.55kB)

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