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Development Contributions - Section 94


On 12 December 2012 Council adopted the “Hurstville Section 94 Development Contributions Plan 2012”. This Plan takes effect on 14 March 2013. Council’s also resolved that the existing seven (7) Section 94 Plans be repealed on 14 March 2013.

Development Contributions

Division 6 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 allows local councils or other consent authorities to impose contributions for public amenities and services required as a consequence of development. 

Contributions may be used to fund amenities and services including open space and recreation facilities, library and information services, community facilities, traffic management and car parking provision.

Development contributions plans outline the process for collecting, administering and expenditure of contributions. Council’s contributions plans are provided below.

Hurstville Section 94 Development Contributions Plan 2012

Hurstville Section 94 Development Contributions Pan 2012 was adopted by Council on 12 December 2012 and comes into effect on 14 March 2013.

This Plan authorises Council or an accredited certifier to impose conditions on development consents or complying development certificates requiring a development contribution in accordance with the Plan.

The plan applies to all land within the Hurstville LGA and applies to residential and non-residential development that generates a demand for additional facilities and services.

Repealed Section 94 Contributions Plans

The following Section 94 Plans are repealed from 14 March 2013, however they still apply to any valid existing development consents issued under these Plans.

Plan No. 1 Traffic Management & Car Parking (repealed)
Plan No. 2 Open Space & Community Recreation Facilities (repealed)
Plan No. 3 Drainage (repealed)
Plan No. 4 Community Services and Facilities (repealed)
Plan No. 5 Management (repealed)
Plan No. 6 Library & Information Services (repealed)
Plan No. 7 Urban Spaces (repealed)     

The repeal of a contributions plan does not affect the previous operation of the plan or anything duly done under the plan. Contributions that were levied under these Plans continue to apply in accordance with the relevant consent condition.

Current (Indexed) Rates

The contribution rates in the plans are adjusted quarterly, in accordance with the formula in the plan. The Consumer Price Index is used to index the rates. The rate applicable is based on the rate calculated on the date a Development Consent is endorsed (not the rate which applied when an application was lodged).

Contributions are also indexed at the time of payment. It is recommended that you make an appointment with Council’s Customer Service on 9330 6222 prior to the payment of a section 94 contribution.


Hurstville Section 94 Development Contributions Plan 2012 - Effective 14 March 2013
pdf icon Hurstville Section 94 Development Contributions Plan 2012 - Effective 14 March 2013 (4.78MB)
pdf icon Current Indexed Contribution Rates - December Quarter 2016 (41.69kB)

Repealed Section 94 Contribution Plans (Repealed 14 March 2013)
pdf icon Plan No 1 Traffic Management & Car Parking (650.29kB)
pdf icon Plan No 2 Open Space & Community Recreation Facilities (367.22kB)     
pdf icon Plan No 3 Drainage (112.06kB)
pdf icon Plan No 4 Community Services & Facilities (192.42kB)
pdf icon Plan No 5 Management (144.50kB)
pdf icon Plan No 6 Library & Information Services (193.84kB)
pdf icon Plan No 7 Urban Spaces (292.73kB)

More information

pdf icon Fact Sheet - Development Contributions (87.21kB) - more information on development contributions.

Development Contributions System – understanding reforms to the development contributions system made by the NSW Department of Planning in December 2008.

Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 - Division 6 Development Contributions of the Act covers the legislative requirements for section 94 and section 94A contributions and Planning Agreements.

For more information on Council's Development Contribution Plans, telephone the Strategic Planning section on 02 9330 6222.

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