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Building Certification

Once you have received development consent from Hurstville City Council to undertake building works, there are still a number of conditions you must satisfy prior to commencing any development, including obtaining the appropriate building certification.

Council provides high quality, competitive building certification services, including issuing Construction Certificates and Complying Development Certificates and acting as Principal Certifying Authority. Benefits of utilising Council’s building certification services include access to building surveyors with:

  • strong local knowledge of Hurstville City building, planning and construction requirements
  • additional enforcement and discretionary powers to resolve issues associated with your building works beyond those powers available to private certifiers
  • ready access to Council Development Assessment Officers, Development Engineers and Tree Management Officers, for resolution of design, access, stormwater, public infrastructure and tree-related issues.

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Checklist - before you commence building works

Before you commence building works there are a number of things you must do, including:

  • meet all pre-commencement development consent conditions
  • pay the long service levy**
  • pay all applicable contributions and fees
  • appoint a builder
  • put in place site safety and environmental controls
  • carry out dilapidation surveys and forward reports to Council
  • obtain relevant insurance
  • provide Council with a Notice of Commencement. 

**Please note that if your Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate has been issued by a private Accredited Certifier, you will have to pay your Long Service Levy direct to the NSW Long Service Levy Payment Corporation.

The following flow chart illustrates the stages you must still pass through to commence building works:

Post Consent

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