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5 Steps to prepare a DA

The information you need to supply to Hurstville City Council with your development application (DA) will vary considerably, depending on the proposal. There are, however, a number of steps every applicant should take to prepare a development application (DA):

  1. understand which development rules apply to your project
  2. prepare plans, drawings and other supporting material
  3. prepare statements relating to environmental impact, heritage and other relevant matters
  4. complete the DA form and relevant checklist
  5. lodge your application (including fee).
Necessary inclusions

Your DA must be accompanied by a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE).  The SEE must identify the potential impact of the development, and the steps that you will take to protect the environment. This can be prepared by the applicant or a consultant acting on their behalf.

If the project is expected to have a significant impact on the environment and is classified as a ‘designated development’, an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) should be submitted instead.

Possible inclusions

Depending upon the type of development, one or more of the following documents may also be required:

  • Species Impact Statement (SIS) – if the land is a critical habitat, or the development is likely to impact threatened species
  • Heritage Impact Statement (HIS) – if the development is expected to impact heritage items
  • Review of Environmental Factors (REF) – generally required for government jobs, such as school extensions, where development consent is not needed
  • Flood Study – to determine the potential impact of  overland flows, flooding and tidal waters
  • Acid Sulphate Soils Management Plan - includes strategies to manage the potential impact development works could have on acid sulphate soils
  • Remediation Plan – includes strategies to manage land that is found be contaminated.
Additional information

As each development is unique, Council will occasionally require further information, on top of these forms, to make a proper assessment. By seeking expert advice and submitting a high quality DA, delays to building while Council requests additional information can be avoided.

Supply high quality plans

Poor quality development plans and specifications can result in poor quality building. Inaccurate and unclear plans and building specifications can lead in disputes between builders and owners, which can cost thousands of dollars to settle.

All plans should be detailed, drawn to scale and comply with Australian Standard technical drawing. While plans drawn by an architect are still accepted, computer-aided design is far more accurate. To avoid drafting errors, it is recommended that plans are based on computer-designed survey plans produced by a registered surveyor.

It is recommended that applicants brief their architects to prepare plans with detailed cross sections (1:50 ratio), in preparation for obtaining a Construction Certificate.

Estimated cost of works

Your development application fees will be based on the estimated cost of works quoted on your Development Application Form.  The amount quoted on your form must reflect the costs associated with the construction of the building and the costs associated with the preparation of the building for which it will be used (such as the costs of installing plant equipment, fittings, fixtures and the like).

Council will make a Fee Determination based on the estimated cost of works as permitted under Clause 256 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000. Council will make its Fee Determination using pdf icon Building Cost Guide (17.13kB).

Alternately, you can estimate the cost of work by using xls icon Cost of Work Estimator - Residential (26.00kB) or xls icon Cost of Work Estimator - Commercial (25.00kB).

If there is a discrepancy between Council's Fee Determination and the quoted cost of works, the application will be placed on hold and the applicant will be required to submit a Quantitive Surveyors Report.

More information

Download pdf icon Development Application (273.29kB)
DA Checklists - steps and guidelines for submitting a development application.
Building Certification - find out what else is required before you commence building.
Download xls icon Cost of Work Estimator - Residential (26.00kB) - to assist the applicant to estimate the value of work on Residential development
Download xls icon Cost of Work Estimator - Commercial (25.00kB) - to assist the applicant to estimate the value of work on Commercial / Retails / Industry development
Read pdf icon Calculating the genuine estimated cost of development - Planning Circular (58.95kB)

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